Three Benefits Of Renting ATMs For Concert Festivals

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Giving visitors to your concert festivals access to cash can offer them a great convenience while also serving as an extra moneymaker. Here are just some of the many reasons to consider renting an ATM for your next concert festival.

Provide Customer Convenience

Concert festivals attract a host of different vendors selling everything from T-shirts to collectible toys. However, many of these vendors require cash, and having ATMs available can encourage more spending while also giving your customers the added convenience of access to cash. It's a good idea to set up multiple ATMs near vendor areas to keep lines short and give concertgoers immediate access to cash when shopping for souvenirs and trinkets. You'll also want to have ATMs available near food vendor areas, including food trucks, to make it easier for guests to purchase meals and beverages even if they are short on cash.

Keep Customers On-Site

Concert festivals, particularly those that run several days, often provide ticket-holders with the ability to come and go as they please. If you don't have ATMs available, your ticket-holders may be more tempted to leave the festival for access to cash. While they are out, they may also decide to purchase food and souvenirs from nearby businesses. This can mean missed sales opportunities. Your ATMs can encourage ticket-holders to stay on the festival grounds and purchase food, beverages, and souvenirs from you and your vendors.

Increase Profits

When you rent an ATM, you have the option of adding a surcharge to transactions that you can keep. This surcharge is typically in addition to the fee your ATM company charges for each transaction. By adding a nominal amount to each transaction, you can increase profits for your event. Of course, this fee can also help pay for the ATM rentals, which can reduce costs even if you don't charge enough to make a profit off of the transactions. Be sure that each ATM has the fees listed prominently, as this will keep customers informed and potentially prevent complaints by individuals who didn't see the fee when they began a transaction.

Your ATM rental company can help you to determine how many units you need and where they should be placed throughout your festival grounds. With the right plan of action, your ATMs can keep your ticket-holders happy while netting extra income for your event. Be prepared to provide the ATM rental company with your estimated number of concertgoers and sales information from previously held events to help create your ATM rental plan. For more information, contact a company like Maritech ATM Solutions.