Does Your Pet Need an Emergency Procedure even though You're Broke? What To Do

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If your pet has an unexpected emergency, and you need to get some money to get them better but have no savings, there are a few things you can try to do. If you don't have great credit and a bank won't give you a loan, and you don't have any credit cards, you'll need a way to get cash. Some veterinarians will allow you to break up the payments for the work that your pet needs done, but you'll still need to put money down for that first payment. Here are a few different things you'll want to consider.

Online Funding Page

Get an online funding page going and share it on social media sites with your friends and family to see if others are willing to chip in to help your pet. Even if people are only willing to donate a small amount, collaboratively you may be able to get the procedure paid for or get enough to put down a first payment and set up a payment plan with the veterinarian. There are different online sources that allow you to do this, and you'll want to find one you can link with your bank account or an online payment source.

Cash Advance  

Do you currently have a job that you make regular wages at? If so, try to get a cash-advance loan. There can be significant benefits to getting these loans.

You don't have to put any collateral down when you get a cash advance, and you don't need to have a high income. This may be the easiest way for you to get cash to pay the vet and get your pet taken care of. For more information on cash advances, do some additional reading

Humane Society

Sometimes the humane society will offer discounted or cheap procedures for animals, depending on your financial need and their availability. Call the local humane society in your area to see what programs and options they have.

If you are in a hurry to get money, and your pet needs to get some work done at the vet if they want to live, these are three options that could be the answer you're looking for. Weigh the pros and cons and explore these different options to see what choice will be your best and fastest option.